20 October 2015

The Boris Tchaikovsky Awards 2015

The Boris Tchaikovsky Awards 2015:

The Boris Tchaikovsky Society glad to inform about The Boris Tchaikovsky Awards of 2015. The Awards were given to: choreographer Konstantin Semenov (for the choreography for the ballet "Labyrinth" with the music of Boris Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto) and flautist Sergey Zhuravel (for outstanding artistic performances achievements and for the 2010-2015 concert programs). 
Congratulations to the new Laureats of The Boris Tchaikovsky Award! 
Here is the list of the Laureates since 2005: http://www.boris-tchaikovsky.com/awards_eng.html

"Общество Бориса Чайковского" радо сообщить, что Лауреатами Премии имени Бориса Чайковского 2015 года стали: балетмейстер Константин СЕМЁНОВ (за хореографию балета «Лабиринт» и яркое сценическое воплощение музыки Фортепианного концерта Б.А.Чайковского) и флейтист Сергей ЖУРАВЕЛЬ (за большие творческие достижения в академическом исполнительском искусстве и концертные программы 2010-2015 годов). 
Поздравляем лауреатов и желаем им дальнейших творческих успехов!
Имена всех лауреатов с 2005 года: http://www.boris-tchaikovsky.com/award_rus.html

15 October 2015

Article on The Musical Magazine / Статья в "Музыкальном журнале"

Article on The Musical Magazine / Статья в "Музыкальном журнале"

К 90-летию со дня рождения Б.А.Чайковского В №9 "Музыкального журнала" опубликована статья Юрия Абдокова (ученика Б.А.Чайковского):

The article to Boris Tchaikovsky's 90th anniversary published in issue #9, 2015 of "The Musical Magazine" (in Russian). The article written by Yuri Abdokov, who was a pupil of Boris Tchaikovsky at the post-graduate course, and who now is the Professor at the Moscow Conservatory.

02 April 2015

Reviews on Naxos CD with Piano Quintet and The War Suite

Reviews on Naxos CD with Piano Quintet and The War Suite

The CD issued by Naxos on Autumn 2014, received a high praises in the media. We're presenting the reviews placed on the Naxos Web-site:

Here is the review in GermanErnst Hoffmann Ensemble Magazin für KammermusikDecember 2014 View PDF   

And here is the review in Russian from Yuri Abdokov, Professor of Moscow Conservatory (who was a pupil of Boris Tchaikovsky):

Here is the list of the reviews in English from Naxos Web-site, with the quotations:
   Fanfare, March 2015 
   MusicWeb International, January 2015 
   Pizzicato, January 2015 
   American Record Guide, January 2015 
   MusicWeb International, December 2014 
   Classical Lost and Found, November 2014 
   Gramophone, November 2014 
   Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, September 2014 
   The Guardian, September 2014 
   David's Review Corner, September 2014 

Barry Brenesal
FanfareMarch 2015
…there’s no lack of precision, tension, or involvement; and Olga Solovieva…is a powerful, almost elemental, presence. © 2015 Fanfare Read complete review

Michael Cookson
MusicWeb InternationalJanuary 2015
All the musicians play with convincing ensemble and attractive tone. The performances are both committed and intelligent and the Piano Quintet is particularly engaging. This disc is a most accessible and agreeable way of exploring the music of Boris Tchaikovsky. © 2015 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Remy Franck
PizzicatoJanuary 2015
Boris Tchaikovsky—not related in any way to his famous colleague—had an extremely fruitful imagination. His rich language is accordingly dramatic. The performers play both compositions with panache. © 2015 Pizzicato

Stephen Estep
American Record GuideJanuary 2015
The musicians all understand this music and play it exceedingly well… © 2015 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Steve Arloff
MusicWeb InternationalDecember 2014
Their [RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet’s] sensitive playing is in evidence throughout this disc. Maxim Anisimov is a brilliantly evocative player whose mellow tone shines brightly at every appearance. As a Boris Tchaikovsky Society Award Winner in 2010 the pianist Olga Solovieva is the perfect choice for the piano quintet…
This is a thoroughly enjoyable disc making a fine introduction to the music of this great Russian composer. © 2014 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Bob McQuiston
Classical Lost and FoundNovember 2014
Russian soloists Olga Solavieva and Maxim Anisimov join the Irish Vanbrugh Quartet for these technically accomplished, sensitive performances. They make a strong case for this remarkable music. © 2014 Classical Lost and Found Read complete review

Philip Clark
GramophoneNovember 2014
The Vanbrugh Quartet and pianist Olga Solovieva put real intellectual muscle behind the physical weight of their playing… © 2014 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music ReviewSeptember 2014
This is music of great gravitas…the music speaks eloquently for itself, as a bellwether of Boris Tchaikovsky's inventive originality…the “Piano Quintet”…is filled with dramatic impact, modernist stridency and Russian brio. On this basis alone I find myself wanting to hear more of him.
All modern Russophiles will no doubt find this disk rather essential. It is music that holds its own for originality yet partakes of the Russian modernist ethos, both of which situate the works nicely as part of a continuum. The Vanbrugh Quartet, pianist Olga Solovieva, and clarinetist Maxim Anisimov give us impassioned performances filled with brio and lyrical clarity.
Very impressive music, very well played. This is a good one! © 2014 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

Tim Ashley
The GuardianSeptember 2014
The performances…are exceptional. © 2014 The Guardian Read complete review

David Denton
David's Review CornerSeptember 2014
Born in 1925, Boris Tchaikovsky was one of the most highly productive pupils of Shostakovich, and like his mentor he could quite happily work in many genres. The present disc finds him in the concert hall with the 1962 Piano Quintet, and then two years later in the film studio for the emotive While Defending the Front Line. In whichever medium he was working his musical parentage is never in doubt. Maybe that has been the reason that his music is not widely known outside of Russia, Shostakovich occupying so much of today’s concert hall coverage, there is no room left for more of the same thing. That is certainly regrettable in the case of the Piano Quintet, as it would be highly popular had it carried his mentors name. Indeed the hard-driven scherzo is among the finest string quartet music from the second half of the 20th century, while the final Adagio is full of sadness for reasons the sleeve notes do not explore. As a whole this is an extremely fine score I greatly commend to you. Recorded in Moscow…they are a really splendid group who have previously appeared on the label, their technical prowess easily dealing with the music’s many demands. Very good sound quality. © 2014 David’s Review Corner

05 September 2014

New CD on Naxos: Piano Quintet & Premiere recording of "The War Suite"

New CD was released in September 2014 by Naxos:

World premiere recording of "The War Suite", and first digital recording of the great Piano Quintet.
The music was played and recorded by The Vanbrugh Quartet, outstanding ensemble from Ireland (wonderful Ioana Petcu-Colan plays 2nd violin in the Quintet recording, which makes this recording really unique).
In "The War Suite" Russian clarinetist Maxim Anisimov participates, and in the Piano Quintet - Olga Solovieva.

This CD was long time awaited. 
"The War Suite" consists from the music composed to the film (directed by Yuly Fait) about the events of Great Patriotic War (Second World War). Composer himself considered that the score of this music is lost, but the efforts of The Boris Tchaikovsky Society brought the fruits, and the manuscript was found.  Two of Boris Tchaikovsky's former students - Elena Astafieva and Stanislav Prokudin - edited the score and compiled the Suite. Some of the music is known for Boris Tchaikovsky's admirers thanks to his Thirt Quartet (composer used some music material there), but something will be really new for everybody. And it shows the source of the Third Quartet (so much admired by Shostakovich, by the way).

The Piano Quintet is one of the milestones in the legacy of Boris Tchaikovsky, probably his greatest chamber work. Six years ago the recording made by Boris Tchaikovsky himself and Prokofiev Quartet appeared on the CD issued on the Forum label (Regis). The new recording from The Vanbrugh Quartet shows that Boris Tchaikovsky's Piano Quintet is also among the masterpieces of piano quintet genre. 

We hope, the music-lovers will warmly meet this CD, and the musicians will be interested to play these works.

Igor Prokhorov


27 May 2013

In Memoriam: Yanina Iossifovna Moshinskaya-Tchaikovskaya

On the first day of Orthodox Easter, on 5 May 2013 the widow of Boris Tchaikovsky passed away after a long illness, on her 94th year.

During the decades Yanina Iossifovna Moshinskaya-Tchaikovskaya [25.04.1920 - 5.05.2013] was a spouse and a close friend for her husband, outstanding composer Boris Tchaikovsky.
She was amazingly talented, modest and friendly person and she lived though not an easy but a long life, always giving herself to people. In her youth, during a Second World War, in 1942 she served at the hospital for the soldiers. Later she graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (as a musicologist), worked as an editor on Russian Radio.

During her last years (after the sudden death of Boris Tchaikovsky) she was the center of attraction for the admirers of Boris Tchaikovsky music, for the young musicians. The visits to her flat and meetings with her are unforgettable for everyone.

The outstanding successor of her great husband, Yanina Iossifovna Moshinskaya-Tchaikovskaya will be always with us.

[More details read in Russian: 

03 February 2012

New CDs from Profil Medien and Divox

The year 2012 started with two new CDs with the music of Boris Tchaikovsky.

I. First of all, it is CD with Violin Concerto and Violin Sonata from Profil Medien, Guenter Haenssler Edition. The recordings (licensed by Melodiya) are the same as on the old LP, but carefully digitized and remastered. This is the third CD from Profil Medien with Boris Tchaikovsky's music - first was "Theme and Eight Variations" premiere performance recording (Staatskapella Dresden with great Kirill Kondrashin), then Second Symphony (also premiere performance recording, also with Kirill Kondrashin) coupled with piano pieces with composer at piano.
And now - long waited Sonata for Violin and Piano (first appearance of Sonata on the CD), performed by Victor Pikaizen and Boris Tchaikovsky, and first studio recording of Violin Concerto with it's first performers - Victor Pikaizen, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kirill Kondrashin.

II. Soon the new recording of Cello Sonata will come from the Swiss label Divox, which is specialized on the chamber music.
The recording was made by excellent musicians Emil Rovner (cello) and Alla Ivanzhina (piano). Also the 24 Preludes for solo cello by Weinberg are on the CD.

As each CD from Divox, the new CD is a special production, a result of love to music and real enthusiasm.

There are already few versions of Cello Sonata in Boris Tchaikovsky discography, two of them - with composers at piano (with cellists Mstislav Rostropovich and Alla Vassilieva).
The new CD (Divox is also famous with its approach to sound) definitely need to be in the collection of every Boris Tchaikovsky music admirers. New generation of musicians, who took the enthusiasm from their teachers (Emil Rovner's teacher was Ivan Monighetti, who earlier studied with great Mstislav Rostropovich), entered their energy and mastery to this recording, and result is increased by contemporary technical approach to sound recording.