08 November 2011

In Memoriam: Vadim Nikolaevich IVANOV

Another huge loss in the world of classical music ... At the morning on 5th of November 2011 an outstanding sound engineer and producer Vadim Ivanov died after  a long illness...
He was one of the best professionals in the field of classical recordings in USSR, and later in Russia. His numerous recordings appeared on such labels as Naxos, Toccata Classics, Hyperion, Chandos, Chant du Monde, Harmonia Mundi, Fuga Libera, Relief, Melodiya, Russian Season, Albany Records, and other (here is the list of some of his recordings). He worked with almost all Russian leading musicians. 

The Boris Tchaikovsky Society collaborated with Vadim Ivanov since 2003. 
[Here is the list of CDs, recorded by The Boris Tchaikovsky Society with Vadim Ivanov as a sound producer:  CDA67413 (Boris Tchaikovsky: Six Etudes for Strings and Organ),  TROY749 (Boris Tchaikovsky: piano music), 8.557727 (Boris Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto, Clarinet Concerto, The Signs of the Zodiac), TOCC0046 (Boris Tchaikovsky: Song cycles), TOCC0082 (Anatoly Lyadov: piano pieces), TOCC0076 (Herman Galynin: piano pieces), 8.557804 (Sergey Taneyev: Violin Sonata, piano pieces).]

It was a real pleasure to work with Vadim Nikolayevich. The musicians, who started to work with Vadim Ivanov, became his admirers.  He was a person with absolutely positive energy, kind and warm, he always had gave a good impulses for everyone who worked with him or even just contacted with him.

During latest years he taught at Russian Academy of Music, and his pupils are leading sound engineers and producers in new generation. 

I believe the recording made by Vadim Ivanov always will be attractive and will be in demand; his experience will be alive in the hands and ears of his students, and his voice, his image, his kindness, his cordiality will always be alive in the minds and hearts of everyone who knew this outstanding man...


27 September 2011

October 2011 - Five concerts with major works

In October 2011 five  concerts with the major works by Boris Tchaikovsky will take place:

1 October, Kislovodsk (Russia) - Clarinet Concerto

1 October, Moscow (Russia) - Piano Trio

2 October, Vilnius (Lithuania) - Piano Quintet
23 October, Scottsdale (U.S.A.) - The Wind of Siberia
30 October, St.Petersburg (Russia) - Piano Quintet

More details - on our Web-site.

07 February 2011

Boris Tchaikovsky passed away 15 years ago...

On February 7, 1996, the great composer Boris Tchaikovsky passed away.
15 years is almost nothing comparing with the eternity. But it is quite a large time for the human. During such tume quite possible to understand this or that true.
In the past seven years almost all composer's work have been released on the CDs. We can definitely say that music of Boris Tchaikovsky became more and more neccessary for people. We see the great interest to this bright and deep music.
If you look into the list of concerts taken place in 2009-2010 and the schedule of the concert for 2011 - you can notice that the music of Boris Tchaikovsky was performed and will be performed in different parts of the World: in Russia, U.K., U.S.A., Ireland, Germany, Brasil, Lithuania, Italy, Belgium, France, Hong Kong...

We are sure that time of this eternal music came, and Boris Tchaikovsky already took his place in the musical history among his predessesors: Dmitry Shostakovich, Nikolay Miaskovsky, Vissarion Shebalin, Anatoly Lyadov, Sergey Taneyev, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

And I completey agree with Mstislav Rostropovich, who wrote about Boris Tchaikovsky: "...I consider him to be a genius, whose contribution to the cello repertoire has yet to be sufficiently appreciated. Boris's modest nature would prevent him from ever showing off or advertising himself, and I do not think that sharing a surname with the illustrious Pyotr has helped him either. Nevertheless, I do think that one day people will come to know that two great Russian composers bore the same name…".