About The Boris Tchaikovsky Society

The group of people (now they are in the Council of the Society) was established themselves in 1994 and are working to promote and support the music of Boris Tchaikovsky since that time. The public non-profit organization "The Boris Tchaikovsky Society" was founded in 2002 by composer's widow, his pupils, and by musicologists who studied the music of Boris Tchaikovsky. The Society was officially registered in 2003. Among the Honored Members of the Society there are outstanding musicians as Rudolf Barshai, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Viktor Pikaizen, Karen Khachaturian, Edward Serov, Andrei Golovin. The foreign members include the musicologists, musicians and music enthusiasts from UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Brasil, Netherlands and Belgium. The activity of the Society is supported by Mstislav Rostropovich, Galina Vishnevskaya, Valentin Berlinsky, Andrei Eshpai, Roman Ledenyov, Timur Mynbaev, Valery Kikta, Alexander Rudin. Society assisted in issues of  about two dozens CDs (including new recordings, some of them - world premiere recordings) on such labels as NaxosChandos RecordsHyperion RecordsReliefAlbany RecordsNorthern FlowersMelodiya,  Boheme Music; assisted in the preparation of: Chamber Music Festival devoted to the music of Boris Tchaikovsky (the first in the world!) in Ghent (Belgium, 2004), performance of Cello Concerto in Paris (France, 2004), performance of Six Etudes in Odense (Denmark, 2005), few orchestral performances in Brazil (2008, 2010), performances of chamber works at the "SovietFest" in Manchester (UK, 2006) and many other. In 2007 The Society launched the scores series "Boris Tchaikovsky. Selected Works". By requests we sent many recordings, scores and parts to dozen countries.
The Society is open for everyone who admires the music of Boris Tchaikovsky.
The Society's Web-page: http://www.boris-tchaikovsky.com