27 May 2013

In Memoriam: Yanina Iossifovna Moshinskaya-Tchaikovskaya

On the first day of Orthodox Easter, on 5 May 2013 the widow of Boris Tchaikovsky passed away after a long illness, on her 94th year.

During the decades Yanina Iossifovna Moshinskaya-Tchaikovskaya [25.04.1920 - 5.05.2013] was a spouse and a close friend for her husband, outstanding composer Boris Tchaikovsky.
She was amazingly talented, modest and friendly person and she lived though not an easy but a long life, always giving herself to people. In her youth, during a Second World War, in 1942 she served at the hospital for the soldiers. Later she graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (as a musicologist), worked as an editor on Russian Radio.

During her last years (after the sudden death of Boris Tchaikovsky) she was the center of attraction for the admirers of Boris Tchaikovsky music, for the young musicians. The visits to her flat and meetings with her are unforgettable for everyone.

The outstanding successor of her great husband, Yanina Iossifovna Moshinskaya-Tchaikovskaya will be always with us.

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