05 September 2014

New CD on Naxos: Piano Quintet & Premiere recording of "The War Suite"

New CD was released in September 2014 by Naxos:

World premiere recording of "The War Suite", and first digital recording of the great Piano Quintet.
The music was played and recorded by The Vanbrugh Quartet, outstanding ensemble from Ireland (wonderful Ioana Petcu-Colan plays 2nd violin in the Quintet recording, which makes this recording really unique).
In "The War Suite" Russian clarinetist Maxim Anisimov participates, and in the Piano Quintet - Olga Solovieva.

This CD was long time awaited. 
"The War Suite" consists from the music composed to the film (directed by Yuly Fait) about the events of Great Patriotic War (Second World War). Composer himself considered that the score of this music is lost, but the efforts of The Boris Tchaikovsky Society brought the fruits, and the manuscript was found.  Two of Boris Tchaikovsky's former students - Elena Astafieva and Stanislav Prokudin - edited the score and compiled the Suite. Some of the music is known for Boris Tchaikovsky's admirers thanks to his Thirt Quartet (composer used some music material there), but something will be really new for everybody. And it shows the source of the Third Quartet (so much admired by Shostakovich, by the way).

The Piano Quintet is one of the milestones in the legacy of Boris Tchaikovsky, probably his greatest chamber work. Six years ago the recording made by Boris Tchaikovsky himself and Prokofiev Quartet appeared on the CD issued on the Forum label (Regis). The new recording from The Vanbrugh Quartet shows that Boris Tchaikovsky's Piano Quintet is also among the masterpieces of piano quintet genre. 

We hope, the music-lovers will warmly meet this CD, and the musicians will be interested to play these works.

Igor Prokhorov


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